I am Sam E. Goldberg and am the creator of Mr. Law School. When I was getting ready to attend law school I was curious what law school was all about. Like most law students I decided to watch the law school horror movie the Paper Chase. I figured that the movie would have some realistic aspects to it. After watching the movie its fair to say I was freaked out. To calm my nerves I attempted to research real law students stories about law school and found nothing. At that moment I decided there needed to be a show about a real law student documenting their law school experience. That is when the Mr. Law School show was born.
I have been documenting my law school experience since day one. I am currently a 3L and will continue the documentation until after I pass the bar exam. I hope that through my law school experience you will see that everyone walks the same path with minute differences.

Thanks for visiting the site!

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